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What Home Gym Machines Offer a Full Body Workout?

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Are you tired of going to the gym and not getting a full body workout? Did you know that according to a study conducted by fitness experts, only 20% of gym-goers actually engage in exercises that target all major muscle groups?

If you're looking for a solution, home gym machines might be the answer you've been searching for. With a wide range of options available, these machines offer convenience, flexibility, and the ability to work out your entire body in the comfort of your own home.

But which ones are the best? Stay tuned as we explore some of the top home gym machines that provide a comprehensive workout for every muscle group, leaving you feeling stronger, fitter, and more motivated.

Key Takeaways

  • Home gym machines such as the Force USA X20 Pro and BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE offer a wide range of exercises targeting multiple muscle groups.
  • Tonal is a wall-mounted home gym machine that provides interactive workouts and customizable attachments for specific muscle targeting.
  • The Force USA G3 is a versatile option for all fitness levels, but some users have reported wobbliness during use.
  • Cable machines like the REP FT-3000 and portable systems like the TRX Rip Trainer offer adjustable resistance and full-body workouts using body weight.

Force USA X20 Pro

Looking for a home gym machine that provides a total-body workout? Consider the Force USA X20 Pro. Priced at $5,999.99, this machine is an ideal choice for a complete full-body workout.

The Force USA X20 Pro is constructed with durable 11-gauge steel and comes with two integrated 289-lb weight stacks for resistance. With its 17 different attachments, it allows you to target multiple muscle groups, making it one of the best full-body workout machines available. This machine offers an all-in-one solution for your home gym needs.

Measuring 70' (W) x 86.5' (D) x 91' (H), the Force USA X20 Pro may not be suitable for limited space. Additionally, it requires an additional $400 for shipping, which should be considered when making your purchase. However, its pros outweigh the cons. The Force USA X20 Pro is designed to give you a complete workout, targeting your entire body.

If you're looking for a home gym machine that can provide a full-body workout, the Force USA X20 Pro is a great option. With its sturdy construction, multiple attachments, and integrated weight stacks, it offers everything you need to train your entire body effectively. Consider investing in the Force USA X20 Pro for a comprehensive home gym experience.

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BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE

If you're seeking another home gym machine that offers a wide range of exercises for a full-body workout, consider the BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE. Here are some key features of this versatile machine:

  1. Over 70 exercises:

The BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE allows you to target all major muscle groups with its extensive exercise options. From chest presses to leg extensions, you can work your entire body with this machine.

  1. Adjustable resistance:

With 210 pounds of resistance, you can easily customize the intensity of your workouts. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, this home gym machine can accommodate your fitness level.

  1. Compact design:

Measuring 53' L x 49' W x 83.25' H, the BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE is perfect for home gyms with limited space. You don't have to worry about it taking up too much room in your house.

  1. Warranty:

The machine comes with a 7-year warranty for the machine and 5 years for the Power Rods, ensuring its durability and reliability. You can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

The BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE is a total-body workout machine that targets major muscle groups and provides adjustable resistance. With its compact design and warranty, it's a great addition to any home gym.

Force USA G3

multi functional home gym equipment

The Force USA G3 is a versatile home gym machine that offers a comprehensive training solution for users of all fitness levels. Priced at $2,199.99, this piece of equipment is a compact and efficient option for building muscle and achieving a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home.

With its 2:1 pulley ratio for resistance, the Force USA G3 provides a challenging workout that engages your muscles effectively. This entire home gym machine replaces multiple strength-training stations, making it a space-saving solution for those with limited room.

The Force USA G3 comes with 14 attachments that allow you to target different muscle groups, providing a customizable workout experience. However, some users have reported wobbliness during use, which may be a potential drawback to consider.

Despite this, the Force USA G3 remains a popular choice for individuals looking to optimize their home workouts and achieve their fitness goals. Its comprehensive features and compact design make it a reliable and convenient option for anyone seeking a full-body workout.


Tonal, a wall-mounted home gym machine, offers an interactive and comprehensive workout experience using up to 200 lbs of electromagnetic resistance. Its compact design and innovative features make it an excellent choice for those with limited space who want to achieve a full body workout.

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Here are four reasons why Tonal is one of the best fitness equipment options for a full body workout:

  1. Interactive Workouts: Tonal features a 24-inch touchscreen monitor with access to trainer-led workouts. This interactive experience ensures that you stay motivated and engaged throughout your entire workout.
  2. Customizable Attachments: With Tonal, you can optimize your workout by adding attachments like a leg press and lat-pulldown seat. This adaptability allows you to target specific muscle groups and tailor your workout to your fitness goals.
  3. Space-Saving Design: Tonal's wall-mounted design saves valuable floor space in your home gym. Additionally, it provides a complete storage system for barbells, weight plates, and cables, keeping your workout area tidy and organized.
  4. Durability and Warranty: Tonal comes with a lifetime structural warranty, assuring you that it's built to last for years of use. This makes it a smart investment for those looking for a reliable and long-lasting fitness equipment.

With Tonal, you can enjoy a full body workout in the comfort of your own home, even if you have limited space. Its interactive features, customizable attachments, and durability make it a top choice for those seeking the best workout experience.

REP FT-3000

robotic exoskeleton prototype ft 3000

The REP FT-3000 is a cable machine designed for a full-body workout. It offers versatile exercises and adjustable resistance to target various muscle groups. With this machine, you can achieve a complete cardio workout without the need for separate machines or expensive equipment.

The cable system allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, including rows, lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, and bicep curls. The adjustable resistance feature ensures that you can challenge yourself at any fitness level. The twin 180lb weight stacks provide ample resistance for strength training exercises, while the included pull-up bar adds an extra dimension to your workouts.

One of the key advantages of the REP FT-3000 is its compact design, which makes it suitable for home gyms with limited space. Additionally, the machine's durability and quality construction ensure that it will last for years to come.

TRX Rip Trainer

To continue expanding your home gym options, let's now explore the TRX Rip Trainer, a versatile and portable suspension training system.

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Here are some key features of the TRX Rip Trainer:

  1. Portable and Lightweight: The TRX Rip Trainer is designed to be easily transported and used in any location, making it perfect for home workouts or for taking with you while traveling.
  2. Full Body Workout: With the TRX Rip Trainer, you can target multiple muscle groups using just your body weight. This allows you to engage your core, improve your stability, and build strength in your upper and lower body.
  3. Adjustable Resistance: The TRX Rip Trainer offers adjustable resistance, allowing you to customize your workouts based on your fitness level and goals. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, the TRX Rip Trainer can accommodate your needs.
  4. Versatile and Compact: The TRX Rip Trainer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, giving you the flexibility to work out wherever you prefer. Additionally, its compact design makes it an excellent choice for individuals with limited space in their home gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Machine Gives a Full-Body Workout?

A machine that gives a full-body workout is one that targets all major muscle groups. This can include options like the Force USA X20 Pro, BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE, Force USA G3, Tonal (Wall-Mounted), or REP FT-3000 (Cable Machine).

Can You Get a Full Workout With Machines?

Yes, you can get a full workout with machines. They offer a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups, allowing you to work your entire body efficiently and effectively.

What Exercise Machine Gives the Best Overall Workout?

The best overall workout machine is the Tonal. It offers up to 200 lbs of electromagnetic resistance, a space-saving wall-mounted design, and a 24-inch touchscreen monitor with access to trainer-led workouts.

Which Exercise Gives Full-Body Workout?

To get a full-body workout, incorporate exercises that target major muscle groups like squats, deadlifts, push-ups, rows, and lunges. These compound movements engage multiple muscles simultaneously, helping you build strength and improve overall fitness.


Overall, there are several home gym machines that offer a full body workout. These machines target multiple muscle groups and provide a range of exercises, making them suitable for individuals looking for a complete workout at home.

Some popular options include the Force USA X20 Pro, BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE, Force USA G3, Tonal, REP FT-3000, and TRX Rip Trainer.

The choice ultimately depends on personal preferences, budget, and available space.